Siren Song​/​All The Way Live in North Carolina

by Julian Creech-Pritchett



These are two lead singles showcasing selections from the upcoming album Live in North Carolina, out April 5th on Yacht Club Records. Follow on instagram: @juliancpmusic @yachtclubrecords


released March 1, 2019

Cover photo: James McLaughlin
Production: Julian Creech-Pritchett


all rights reserved



Julian Creech-Pritchett Apex, North Carolina

Apex, NC native, I play drums/percussion, piano, guitar, bass, as well as other instruments. I've been playing music since the fourth grade, and it is my true passion in life.
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Track Name: Siren Song (Live in Boone 2/15/19)
I walked along
Land and sea
A thousand miles
I could see

I walked alone
Moving silently
Only my shadow
Moved along with me

My thoughts play
Tricks on me
Do I see a mirage
Or can it really be

A golden figure
Down the beach
She called my name
Without speaking to me

oh sweet woman
My discovery
You must be an angel
Sent down for me
Tell me truly
What can you be
Will you give me the love
That I need

She moved like the wind
Pretty and free
Like art come to life
I could not believe

But did she sing that song
That the sirens sing
Sweet and lovely
But deadly

is your long blonde hair
Meant to wrap me up
Trap me inside
Not let me breathe

Is the rest of my life
Not enough?
Will I die a man
Whos fallen in love

Oh sweet woman
My discovery
Are you really a devil
Sent up for me
Tell me truly
What can you be
Will you take the love
That makes up me

Sing out loud, your siren song
Make it sweet, beautiful and long
As its the last thing, I will hear
Make it alive, my dear
Track Name: All The Way (Live in Greensboro 1/12/19)
And you came, to me, with a question
You wanted to know, how far I would go
I told you help me out, it would be easy

Ill go all, the way, for you
You can count, on me, its true

And so you blew me off, for the last time
Other things mattered more, I was in decline

Ill, go all, the way, for you,
You can count, on me, its true
I, will be, there, for you
Even, if you, don’t want, me too

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